Holiday gift certificates | $20 to $200

In stock

Holiday gift certificates | $20 to $200

In stock
$CAD 20.00
Product not available for online purchase
  • Valid at any time in store or online
  • Recycled cardboard envelope included
  • Print it directly at your house to avoid unnecessary travelling
  • By choosing gift certificate with delivery, the $3 fee is included for shipping


Select the amount you want to purchase.

When your purchase is completed, paid and registered, we will return you a validation number as soon as possible via email. We will need the name of the person who will receive the gift certificate for registration.

The certificate with this validation number will be entered in a register in our boutique.


Want to print it at home? 

Print the PDF file displayed on this page.

It is mandatory that you write the following things on your certificate:

  • the validation number you received in the email
  • the amount you purchased 
  • the name of the person receiving the gift certificate
  • your name

Please make sure that all information is easily readable.

*Note that the validation number is mandatory for the gift certificate to be valid to be exchanged in store.


There are two options to exchange and use gift certificates:

  • Option 1: In our shop located at 2374 Beaubien Est
  • Option 2: On our online boutique.

Please note : 

For option 2, to use the gift certificate on an online order, we will need to send you a promo code to apply the exact amount of the gift certificate when paying for the order. The person who is gifted the certificate will have to contact us beforehand to get the code. 

The code will be applied as a promo code in the shopping cart.